Eveline Mooibroek: Beyond Photography

Beyond Photography

Eveline Mooibroek


Close to the Skin

While the objective of cosmetic surgery is to remove or at least conceal any deviation from the norm, Eveline Mooibroek has again struck out in the opposite direction. Her aim, it seems, is to enlarge and multiply any irregularities. As if to say, given the sheer extent the anomalies, any attempts at removal would be pointless. A lost cause! Similar to the thread patterns, the dots swarm out across the body. So much so, that these constellations come to the fore like protruding crowns embellished with shiny ornaments. Her enhancements become an ode to the body with all its magnificent imperfections and vulnerabilities.

Text: Aernout Hagen


Leporello, 23 x 16,5 cm, 16 pages, fc offset

ISBN 978-90-79962-06-8 (NL)

25,00 Euro