Juliane Ebner: Landstrich — A Stretch of Land

Landstrich — A Stretch of Land

film tie-in edition

by Juliane Ebner

14 x 19 cm, hardcover, 64 pages fc-offset, texts German and English
DVD enclosed, length of the film 29 min, German voice, English subtitles

ISBN 978-90-79962-11-2

25,00 Euro

Reading on Sunday, October 4th, at 1 pm Ahrenshoop Museum of Art


German Short Film Award — Goldene Lola 2017

“… Having german history and German stories at the centre of its focus,
this peculiar film, which is presented with a characteristic distanced irony — excluding any emotions, in order to affect us with them later, describes with sharpness and profound feelings the evolution of a family throughout the years, in a way that only great movies can achieve.”

(jury German Short Film Award)



Juliane Ebner, born in Stralsund, is part of the young art scene in Berlin whose appeal is based on radical transformation of traditional subjects and art forms. Besides language, Ebner's means of expression is drawing. Educated at the Mutesius art academy in Kiel, she uses it virtuously — but often her paper drawings only mark a starting point for a working process at the end of which emerge multilayered pictures on perspex or animated movies in a stop-motion method. This transformation accounts for a primary part of the fascination her work carries, but it is only a means to an end to create complex imagery. The imagery itself subtly explores the poles of individual memory and official historiography.


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