Heike Hennig | Anija Seedler: Wind Opera

Wind Opera

Anija Seedler in dialoog met de wind

///Uitgegeven van Heike Hennig en Anija Seedler//


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Anija Seedler & Heike Hennig in dialoog met de wind
ISBN 978-3-937938-28-8
10,00 Euro (incl. shipping costs in Germany)

32 x 47 cm, newspaper Berlin format, 16 pages, folded
Text German and English

Drawing, installation and filmic works from the research process: [...] Wind, wind chime, whirligig. Unbound element. Hurricane and breeze. Surplus energy, integrated energy, electricity highway, production doldrums, shadow flicker, disruptive innovation, feed-in management, growth coat. [...]

Release Friday 11th of August, 18 o'clock at Weltecho Chemnitz




Project Management: Anija Seedler and Heike Hennig
Drawings and objects: Anija Seedler
Photography: Anija Seedler, Jan Stradtmann, Heike Hennig, Gerhard Schlechte
Design: Jasper Otto Eisenecker
Reprography: Uwe Walter
Lithography: Carsten Humme
Text editing: Stephany Mundt, Veronika Darian
Translation: Veronika Darian, Robert Gillett
Printing: Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei